December 14, 2007

Back (and better than ever)

Alright, so it may have appeared that this blog was slowly going the way of the buffalo — but take heart, I am about to engage in more hilarity. The last post made on this blog was dated July 6, 2007...well, as luck would have it, our firstborn son came into this world on July 8, 2007, and well, there just is nothing funny about children. All the joy and laughter has simply vanished from our lives and now I am off to start blogging about spreadsheets and global-warming.

Okay, so maybe all of that isn't true (the bit about the kid is true — Trace Reagan was born on July 8th and is now slobbering and pooping at an 8th grade level). Maybe I've just become complacent in my blogging as things at home have gotten more hectic. That is all about to change. My early New Year's resolution is to keep this blog crazy up-to-date and so f'in funny you will be cursing your monitor for making you spit out your Egg Nog lattes.

There is a lot, A LOT, of really crappy stuff to reminisce about and to take apart. Way too much for me to let this blog slide into oblivion any longer.

Avast, me's bloggin' time — and far to much is not as cool as you remember.

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