June 9, 2007

Great Dance off, Round 2

Round 2 of the Great Dance off brings us the SNL alums bracket. Julia Louis Dreyfus was an SNL cast member dearing some dark years in the 80s and everyone knows about Chris Farley's stint on the show. I must admit...this matchup is a clash of the titans...choose wisely. Keep voting for Round 1 winners and lemme know what swayed you in our comments section.

Elaine's "Sweet fancy Moses" inducing dance

Farley nearly edges out Swayze for a job
Our embedded vid got removed, so here is a LINK to it.

Elaine makes us "Cry, Cry Again" or Farley brings sexy back
Elaine Benes
Chris Farley
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theschramfam said...

This one is hard... Elaine, is a classic, but Chris Farley - he owned that dance! And I've been watching that clip for about 15 years? or so? and it's been funny enough every time to make me cry, so I guess what I'm saying is: Chris Farley, You ARE a beautiful dancer! RIP

Anonymous said...

I agree, tough tough call! But when I think dancing and comedy combined, I immediately go...Sweet Fancy Moses! Although I admit I am pretty good at emulating both of these dancers. Unfortunately I am closer to the Farley body type! Also, I believe Julia will be best remembered for this one moment over her entire career as "Old Christine"!