June 4, 2007

The Great Dance off Round 1, Republican Bracket!

This week's dance off pits two political heavyweights against each other in an epic dance battle. From our "Republican Bracket", will it be George "the W stands for 'wiggling'" Bush or Karl "I couldn't be any whiter" Rove? Watch the evidence and vote below, and again...let us know why you voted the way you did. Also, the Freestyle Bracket is still open for voting.

Bush's African Jam

Krazy Karl

Man, that David Gregory can cut a rug too, eh?

Bush's African Jam or Krazy Karl Rove?
George W Bush
MC Karl Rove
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theschramfam said...

Wow ... hold on, i'm recovering from that last one. At least with Bush, he was actually doing some "foreign relations", so we have to give him credit for that. Rove? well, I don't know why he would do this , knowing full-well, it would be broadcast on national television. Do you think he was really drunk?! Also, an interesting note... did you see the black guy in the background? - He danced almost as white as Rove, so, I guess that stereotype is destroyed huh?!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Rove only because he tried. I can't say the "Bush" gave it all he had. Rove on the other hand attempted something. Yikes! If I have to dance like that to be Republician...I may have to become Independant. :) How embarrassing! I am still in shock. What you don't see on Fox News. :) Mom

Anonymous said...

I deezug the Rovester with his mazad moves! Man that cat can cut the carpet! Was there audio or is my machine busted? I would like to have heard GW on the skins, and also Rappin' Rovey would have been nice to hear!