June 15, 2007

Great Dance-off, Round 2—Shufflin' bracket

Maybe this matchup should be called the "ill-advised music video" bracket...

The mother of all regrettable music videos—the '85 Bears "Shufflin' Crew" show how it's done AND fake-play some instruments at the same time.


In what almost seems like an homage to the Bears shufflin' antics...Sammy Stephens dances AND raps about the merits of his flea market. It's just like...it's just like...I'm drawing a blank

Da Bears!

Flea Market!

Mini-mall Shuffle or Super Bowl Shuffle?
Da Bears!
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theschramfam said...

It's just like... a mini mall!! Ha Ha! The bears should be ashamed of themselves, but the Fleamarket is shameless + hilarious!

Anonymous said...

No other reason than a tribute to the late great "Sweetness"! Walter Payton, now that was a class act! You know it's just like...reminds me of Westby's Bike Shop in Meridian..."We're a Bike Shop
...Not a Department Store! Thanks for the update Westby!

Rodrigo said...

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theschramfam said...

wow Rodrigo really likes your blogs eh?! too bad we don't all speak portuguese with him...
i saw he's commenting the same thing on your bsu blog. Funny thing is - he wants us to order a personalized tshirt from him... ha ha. if he only knew!

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