June 1, 2007

The Great Dance Off! Round 1

First up in the freestyle bracket is everyone's favorite boss David Brent throwing down some impromptu bizness vs. Billy Squier doing God-knows-what. Watch each video, vote...and tell us why you picked the way you did in the comments box.

David Brent's Flashdance/MC Hammer fusion:

Billy Squier's full body dry-heave:

David Brent's freestylin' or Billy Squier's freeflailin'?
David Brent
Billy Squier
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Anonymous said...

David Brent's MC Hammer/Flashdance fusion is the superior dance...and no, I am not giving him extra points for it being impromptu. The man is a visionary—and has all the intensity of a man possessed.

Kent said...

What? No Elaine Benes? I voted for Brent as more of a lesser of two evils thing. His was entertaining, yet somewhat embarrassing. While Squier simply had far too many distrubing images. Where is this man sleeping? And could I get a lube and oil?

Anonymous said...

I voted for the worst video. Squier was by far the worse. He scared me. Surely this can't be for real. I thought it was a joke at first. Since it is Dance Off. I wanted him out. It was just to horrible to look at. So I want him to Dance Off and Out of the business. Robin

Drew said...

This is only round one of head to head competition. Believe me, Elaine will make her appearance in coming rounds. This, definitely is the "lesser of two evils bracket"

theschramfam said...

Although hard to choose between the 2 I picked Brent... because I love him. Also, because every single time I see that clip, I laugh so hard, tears stream down my face. I also picked this one because Squier really freaked me out with that "dance" - I had trouble sleeping the night I watched it... it is some serious creepiness there. And to be honest, it freaked me out so bad, I couldn't even finish watching the clip.

Anonymous said...

Poor Billy Squier!
'Nobody wants you'